5 Reasons you should prefer Guest House vs. Hotel

5 Reasons you should prefer Guest House vs. Hotel

Crown Lodge Crown Lodge September 15, 2019 Guest House

If you are planning to go on holiday or on a business trip, it is necessary for you to choose the right location where you will going to stay. Location where you are going to stay plays a very important role during your trip.

Recently it has been reported that people are switching their choices a lot. Earlier people use to consider Hotel while they want to reside in any of the areas, but now people usually considered the guest house for the same. There are so many reasons why the guest house is preferred more over Hotel. These are:

Feeling like home

The main difference in a hotel and home is the atmosphere. You will get surprised to know that while you are choosing a hotel to decide you adjust bounding yourself to the atmosphere. But while you are choosing a guest house for the same then and you are your own master, and you will definitely field more like home in that environment. You will get surprised to know that hotels are often found to be impersonal and even unsafe to point but 808 using a guest house you are considering privacy too.


Space plays a very important role when you are considering an ambiance to decide. If you are in a congested environment and it will become difficult for you to adjust. The guesthouse is usually big and is available at different facilities. Space is also available, and you can utilize it accordingly. Whether you are going with your friends or family, you can easily adjust.


You will get happy to know that these guest houses are available at a reasonable price as compared to the Hotel. You cannot pay very high rent at all to the hotel staff. Therefore, it is necessary to get available with facilities which will not only save your budget but will also let you enjoy your time as well.


Privacy is one of the important aspects while people are starting considering guest house. In the guest house, there will be no nuisance created around you. You are your own master, and you can treat things accordingly. You can enjoy anytime you want whether you want to do a night party or you want to spend the whole day alone you are your own master no one will going to bother you about it.

Personalized services

We all aware those guest houses are not that much crowded there for the ones available at the guest house pay more attention to the services of the customers. You will receive services in a more personalized way. You can check-in anytime you can check out anytime there is no foundation for the same as well.

These are the differences which make considering guest house a better choice than all luxurious hotels. You might be thinking that when you will have all the comfort in a hotel room, then why you consider the guest house? The answer is simple that if you want to enjoy, you must feel free.