10 Things you must see in the Reading – United Kingdom

10 Things you must see in the Reading – United Kingdom

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United Kingdom is the country that most of the tourist when they want to spend some quality time. If you are planning to travel to UK then you must visit reading. Reading is a University town that is 20 minutes from the west of London. Reading is also considered as the economic power base of the United Kingdom and there are several insurance companies, IT sectors and other hubs available here. The location at the site is so influential there that everyone just loves it. There are several best things that you can do in reading, UK.

Things you must see in the Reading United Kingdom

1. Reading museum

In the reading new museum, you will get to know about the past history of the town starting from the earlier days when it got settled up to the 21st century.

2. Forbury gardens

Another best place to visit in reading is this garden. It is settled in the east of the railway station in London and it is a neat and clean park where you can easily set and spent hours together. In 19 century, this park was announced as a public park.

3. Abbey ruins

It is settled in the south east corner of the garden and there you will enjoy several modern buildings that were available from the year 1121. The beauty of that place will definitely amused you and you will feel like not to go anywhere from there.

4. Basildonpark

Children Park is a resplendent Indian country house that was designed in the 17th century. The national trust cares about this park and it looks amazing. The Restoration work of this park is amazing and there are several things that make it more astonishing like the staircase hall, the octagon drawing room, the dining room, and the kitchen area.

5. Caversham court

This amazing place is situated in the north Bank of the thermos. It is a garden on the grounds of the former mention. The beautiful river and the mature trees make this place more amazing.

6. Museum of the English rural life

This museum is another beautiful place that you can visit if you are in reading. Through this museum you will get to know that how the life was earlier in London. All the antique piece is from last 250 years or more are stored in this museum. Here you will also get to see about the manual tools, the clothes, the blows, the portraits, the cards, the tractors and several others.

7. Kinnat and Evan canal walk

If you love the watery places and want to spend some time between that gives and the swans then you must visit this place. Here you will get to enjoy about the natural beauty along with the great peace

8. Museum of the worksheet aviation

Best small aircraft museum is open on every Wednesday and weekends. Here you will get to see about several diverting aircraft that enhances the beauty of this place. The amazing collection includes the forms along with the Mile aircrafts and several other air dromes.

9. Wellington Country Park

7 miles from the south of reading, the Wellington country park is something that you must visit. You will see several things and enjoy the natural beauty from the hardwood and softwood, the four nature trails and also the habitat of the fellow and the red deer. This park is spread in 350 acres. It is one of the most beautiful places that you must visit if you are in reading London.

10. Beale Wildlife Park and gardens

This park was inaugurated in the year 1956. You will get to see several habitats including the owls, blue and gold macaw house, spectacled owls and several others.

Hence these are some of the beautiful places that you can visit in Reading, United Kingdom and get the best experience.